Weed Events

Current Weed Events

Map of Recorded Instances of Stinkwort in El Dorado County. Click image to enlarge.
Invasive weed fighters needed! Our local California native plants, including Pine Hill rare plants, and their habitats are under attack by a variety of invasive weeds. You can help to lessen the impact of these weeds by aiding in the effort to document their locations and remove them from specific parts of the habitats, including in and nearby the Pine Hill Preserve. 
One upcoming stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens) removal event in the Cameron Park area will take place on Thursday, August 31st. We will meet at 8 am at the end of Palmer Drive in Cameron Park. We will work for no longer than 2 hours. You’ll need to bring gloves (stinkwort has a sticky exudate that can cause blisters), plenty of water, a hat, long sleeves and long pants, and your favorite weed removal tool (a sturdy serrated knife works well to dig up this weed). Bags for removing the pulled-up plants and sparkling water at the end of our work will be provided.
If you’d like to help with the Aug 31st event, or volunteer for future weed-fighting events, please contact the chairs of the Weed Committee by clicking here.

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