Design Help

Excited about the prospect of native plant gardening, but not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed as exactly how to create such a garden? Fear not! There are online resources to tap into, and, if you need more help, several local landscape designers that specialize in native plant landscapes.

Online native plant design resources

Local native plant designers

  • Rosemary Carey  
    Botanist/horticulturist Rosemary Carey designs water-wise and deer-resistant gardens using California native plants and compatible plants from other Mediterranean climate regions. Specialties: difficult sites (e.g., west and south-facing sites, shallow soils), erosion control, and plants to attract birds and pollinators. Named a Sacramento Regional Water Authority Blue Thumb Ambassador in recognition of her low-water use garden design work in Eldorado County with the Sierra Nevada Alliance Yard and Garden Program in 2009-2011. Email:; phone: 530-620-3631.
  • Mahala Guggino – FLOURISH
    Flourish strives to bring a natural, sustainable aesthetic to your landscape through our boutique plant nursery and consultation services. Flourish grows and curates a wide variety of California native plants and other interesting, complementary ornamentals. Website:; email:; phone: 530-919-1478.
  • Christie Johnson, Owner/Certified Landscape Designer – MILKWEED GARDEN DESIGNS
    A residential landscape design service dedicated to the unique sense of place that is California, making gardens come to life with native and low water use plants. Serving Amador County and surrounding communities.
    Email:; phone: 209-304-1771.
  • Marcia Scott   – Creating thoughtful garden solutions for the unique challenges on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada.  Residential landscape design, landscape and tree consultations, garden coaching, and young tree pruning. Focus is on how to make your landscape satisfy you, while being good stewards. Blueprints, Sketches and Consultations. ISA certified, TRAQ Arborist.”  530 642-0973
  • Verne Pershing – THE ART OF GARDENING
    We create quality, handcrafted gardens; Listening to, and working in conjunction with the homeowner’s wishes, we seek to create a singular vision for the site that embraces nature’s unspoiled model, blending as closely as possible the landscape plan with the countenance of the area as well as the architecture of the home. Website:; phone: 530-644-2000.