Gardening with Natives

Gardening with Natives

Are you getting ready to do some gardening?

Don’t forget that native plants (and their cultivars) may be some of your best choices! Native plant gardens can be attractive, bird-and-butterfly-friendly, and can save you water, effort, and time in the long run! Would you like to see examples of beautiful native gardens? Find out about Gardens to Visit in our area.

While it is tempting to head for the nursery and buy typical nursery plants imported from distant places, with a little planning you can have a beautiful landscape that is adapted to our area and is also sustainable. Rather than just digging a few holes, picking out a few showy plants from a big box store, and reaching for the garden hose, you would do well to consider how the plants you’re buying fit into our foothills or mountain environments. There are many Benefits to Gardening with Native Plants.

Choosing Native Plants

Which native plants to choose? There is a wide variety to choose from and many wonderful resources!

Climate considerations – Make sure you put the right plant in the right location.

Soil considerations – Find out about the unique challenges of foothill soils.

Watering & establishing your natives – Do it right and save big on water and effort.

Caring for oaks – Appreciate these magnificent trees and maintain their health.

Design help – Both online and local professional resources are available to help you design your native garden.

Avoid invasive plants – Not all nursery plants may be appropriate because some have the potential to become invasive. Don’t plant a pest!

Essential Gardening Books

And last, but not least, don’t forget the many informative, inspiring native plant gardening books out there! Some are located in our county library, some you can buy at our general meetings and plant sales, and others you can find online. There are a surprising number of books on both plant selection and garden design, with many inspiring photos and ideas. Learn more about the many valuable native plant books available on our Books page.