Pyrosilviculture at Blodgett Forest Research Station

The November meeting of the California Chapter of CNPS will focus on the impact of the Mosquito Wildfire on Blodgett Forest Research Station and what  Berkeley Forests is planning in the wake of the wildfire. Robert York, assistant professor of Cooperative Extension, will highlight plans to set up a new demonstration site in the wildfire footprint.

Berkeley Forests ( operates six research forests throughout the state to develop and test appropriate management strategies for forested watersheds. It is a project of the Berkeley Rausser College of Natural Resources of the University of California at Berkeley.

The experts at Berkeley Forests believe that, given the importance of fire in many ecosystems, along with our dependence on and development into inherently fire-prone landscapes, we need to reach a sustainable coexistence with wildfire. Berkeley Forests’ goal is to develop and disseminate science-based solutions to wildfire-related challenges. Asst. Prof. York regularly demonstrates traditional and new management approaches for policymakers, landowners, practitioners, and environmental organizations. He has developed the concept of “pyrosilviculture,” which strives to incorporate prescribed burning as a fundamental component of forestry.