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Grass Lake and Old Highway 89

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Tuesday, July 30, 2024
9:00 am
Grass Lake and Old Highway 89
Round-leaf Sundew by G.Meyer.

Grass Lake is a large bog in the Eldorado National Forest near Luther Pass on Highway 89 south of the town of Meyers. From our Chapter website: “Grass Lake is the largest Sphagnum bog in California and is considered the best representative floating bog in the Sierra Nevada. This is a large site with a complex association of habitats ranging from aquatic and meadow types through upland forest types. This diversity, along with a largely intact watershed surrounding the marshlands and meadows, contributes to the value of this site. This site supports a number of boreal plant species unusual in the Sierra Nevada. In addition, several species of plants occur locally at substantially lower elevations than typical elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada. Along with a few uncommon or disjunct plants, the wetlands support three species of carnivorous plants and four species of orchids. The plant associations are relatively pristine with virtually no introduced plants in the bog and meadow associations. The bog and meadow associations are diverse, with 11 types described.”

After visiting the bog and surrounding habitats, we will then walk south from Luther Pass on the surface of the Old Highway 89, which is now a trail all the way down to Hope Valley and Highway 88. The trail will take us through upper montane forest with huge Jeffrey pine trees and very old aspens with carvings made by Basque sheepherders and others through many decades, as well as a seep with additional moist-loving plant species.


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07/30/2024 - Grass Lake and Old Highway 89

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