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Camp Creek and El Dorado Forest Lava Cap

Field Trips
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
9:00 am
Location TBD

Where the North-South Road in Eldorado National Forest crosses Camp Creek, there is a wonderful rock outcrop with seeps that in spring supports a plethora of wildflowers including monkeyflowers, meadowfoam, phacelias, onion, broomrape, and more. We will visit this gorgeous spot on our way to a lava cap in the Forest.

Lava caps are late seral communities of annual herbs, perennial shrubs, and a few depauperate (a kind of semi bonsai) tree species. They are open rocky areas on ridgetops or ridge ends within the forest, and especially on Peavine Ridge. These ridges are formed by pre-historic volcanic mud flows, (Mehrten Formation) and centuries of erosion, and the result is a field of rocks. Among these lichen-covered rocks and manzanita skeletons are wonderful displays of annual and perennial wildflowers. These wildflowers include the yellow bur Navarretia (Navarretia prolifera ssp. lutea), and the Pleasant Valley Mariposa tulip. (Calochortus clavatus var. avius).

Level of difficulty: Easy

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